I scoff at your acting abilities, little dude.A movie about infamous 1950s Hollywood enforcer Johnny Stompanato has been in the works for a good long while, but now Johnny Utah/Mnemonic/Constantine could be the one to finally make it happen.

Keanu Reeves is eyeballing the lead role in the sure-to-be-retitled Stompanato, about the WWII veteran-turned-mob legbreaker who aspired to become a producer, which led to a tumultuous romance with screen queen Lana Turner.  Stompanato would ultimately be stabbed to death by the elder Turner’s teenage daughter under peculiar circumstances that led to rumors of an affair with the girl.

Constantly sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones is considering the Turner role, while Adrian Lyne is set to direct, and based on his filmography (Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal, Lolita) he’s probably just about the most qualified guy to deal with a fucked-up relationship. The script comes from David and Janet Peoples (12 Monkeys) and Sebastian Gutierrez (SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!). Years ago, Stompanato’s shoes were going to be filled by Antonio Banderas, while Sharon Stone was set for a turn as Turner.

Keanu catches a lot of unwarranted heat for his acting, so Stompanato could be nice “piss off” to detractors.  Reeves, who’s planning to set sail as Sinbad for some swashbuckling, will next be seen reuniting with spunky Speed co-star Sandra Bullock for a remake of the syrupy Korean romance Il Mare, which is also likely to get a name change.

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