Raunchy comedies are this summer’s big yield, and while I’m not sure there was enough to the characters and their circumstances to merit further exploration, the almighty dollar does not lie so Old School 2 is officially in the works.

Dreamworks has original director Todd Phillips working with partner Scot Armstrong on a follow-up to the lucrative R-rated adventures of thirtysomething guys trying to recapture that college feeling with plentiful beer and hot co-eds.  While no plot for the proposed sequel has been revealed, I’m going on the assumption that at least some of the original cast members will be involved (in past interviews Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell have expressed interest in a sequel).  At the very least I bet it’ll be a fun script to research. 

Phillips’ relationship with Dreamworks was purportedly on shaky ground due to his displeasure with them using Old School to market Eurotrip, but they’ve apparently patched things up.  Being pelted with large bags of money can have that effect.

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