It’s always felt like there was a subtle undercurrent of crossed fingers in the geek world for Brandon Routh, be it from those who wanted him to get the Superman gig again, or those who hoped he’d just have a separately successful career. I think something about him just feels more approachable than your average superhero actor (likely why he got the job in the first place), and even those who didn’t ride the Scott Pilgrim train with as much enthusiasm as other still seemed to note that Routh was a wonderful part of the cast. These are all just my impressions, so I’ll be interested to see the reaction to the Dylan Dog trailer, which gives us our first real look (in english) of the long-gestating film about the undead-appointed human marshall over supernatural bad guys.

The film is based on an extremely popular set of international comic books (written by the same gentleman who wrote Cemetery Man) and has finally secured US distribution, hitting theaters wide on April 29th (how wide, I cannot say). You can see the new US trailer below, but I would suggest hitting up Apple Trailers for some HD action, as it’s an exceptionally pretty trailer. I also pulled some screencaps below (click huge).

Dylan Dog Film Trailer
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I’ve snagged some screencaps that you can check out below, and it’s clear even from this trailer that this really is a kitchen sink-style film that will pit the hero against all manner of supernatural and undead baddies. There seems to be no stopping vampire or zombie films –they’ve pretty much become a format choice like aspect ratio or color, rather than a genre at this point– so even though Routh may not have much drawing power at this point, it could still find modest success stateside.

The film looks like some combination of Chinatown, Constantine, Blade, and… I dunno, a movie with sense of humor. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny maybe (I mean look at that Devil. So good). It also looks pretty great. Routh clearly has a good handle on the wryly-delivered-quips school of comedy, and if this rides the line between silly, fun, and occasionally creepy then it could be a real treat. Even the guy-dealing-with-his-undeadness humor sounds like it’s works.

Definitely looking forward to this one.

Thanks to Brian Henne.

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