Every day, we are giving something away to you. And it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. All you have to do is Facebook like or Retweet your favorite CHUD.com article from that day that isn’t the “Prize of the Day” article. So, basically help spread the word of the good work folks here are doing. Then, pop a comment in our Prize of the Day Wiki saying you’ve entered and with a link to your Tweet or FB page. I will choose one person who comments within 24 hours of the article going up, and send them that prize. What to look for? Shirts, hates, trinkets, DVDs, and who knows what else?

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Today: The Rite, notebook and candle

Set up a hot gothy night with your The Rite black candle, and then use this moleskin-esque notebook to permanently record the details of the debauchery. You’ll be the next Marquis de Sade with this bundle, easily gotten for no dollars.