If there’s one skull Conan won’t be standing on, it’s Hugo Weaving’s.

Entertainment Weekly has the image, and it’s a perfectly unobstructed view of the villain of Captain America, Red Skull. He looks exactly like what you would expect a flesh and blood (and bone) version of the comic character to look like, which is very high complement.

The hue, the texture, and the facial structure all seems to be as one would imagine, which is pretty incredible, considering this on top of an actual human being’s head, and it’ doesn’t look disproportional at all. I assume there has to be some mix of CGI in with the character, some nasal removal a la Voldemort, and if that’s the case then I’d have to say I really look forward to what the marriage of advanced practical make-up and computer effects will bringing us in the years to come. Now my only concern is that they do justice to Johann Schmidt’s transformation into this delightfully hideous monster.

What’s even better than great make-up? We can expect a masterfully evil performance from the man underneath that make-up, one that will be more than worthy of such a well executed bit of effects. There’s certainly no element of Captain America: The First Avenger that I’m looking forward to more than Weaving making evil shit happen in full Red Skull regalia.

We still have a lot of months between us and the release of this film (July 22nd), but we’ve still got the first full theatrical trailer to look forward to, where hopefully we’ll get a solid look at Weaving in motion.

(and thanks to Brian Henne- always quick on the draw)

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