Page Six is the gossip column of the NY Post, which is about two real journalists and some bad Photoshop pics away from being the World Weekly News, so it might not be the most reliable place for movie news.  But this rumor is making the rounds online, and I’ll leap at any opportunity to discuss Jessica Alba’s flawless backside.

The unsubstantiated hubbub (which I first heard about at The Superficial, one of my fave celeb-trashing sites) is that Alba won’t be returning for a second shot of heroine in the inevitable sequel to Fantastic Four.  Instead she’s reportedly decided to spill from the bottle in the big-screen version of belly-baring 60s TV show I Dream of Jeannie, which is apparently being made by Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, who seems to be under the impression she’ll get kicked out of Hollywood permanently if she doesn’t make several lousy remakes and romcoms. Which is probably the case.

While I do think that Alba playing a scantily clad genie (or a stripper or a dancer or someone in a bikini) and displaying her toned stomach and nigh-impossible ass instead of concealing them in a tight blue body stocking is a far better use of her “talents”, I have serious doubts that Marvel and Fox wouldn’t have signed her for the full Fantastic franchise.  Unless they noticed she wasn’t actually much of an actress and decided to discharge her from any obligations to the role, even though that would mean they wouldn’t be able to re-use all those Alba-likeness Invisible Woman action figures now filling warehouses.

I’m sure we’ll get some official clarification on the matter soon.  In the meantime, how about that ass, huh? 

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