While I understand that both of his bands are set to release albums this year, Trent Reznor seems to be thoroughly invested in the movie scoring business, and has added another new project to his slate- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The news comes from Devin at BAD and his source claims that not only will Reznor score the film, he’ll be appearing in the presumably notable role of “Vampire Who Whacks Lincoln’s Ma.”

This is a big announcement for the artist, and it almost immediately follows his OSCAR win for scoring The Social Network. It won’t quite be his next scoring job though, as he revealed in January that he would be scoring David Fincher’s next film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. At that point he had already composed a significant amount of temp music, but still had the score proper to complete once principle photography was finished. Vampire Hunter begins filming this month, and I would expect Reznor to have a more traditional relationship with the production than he’s had with Fincher and crew (though who knows) but in any case, the pace at which he works should make it quite easy for him to schedule it between two albums and another score he’s already started.

As for the acting gig? Reznor’s post-heroine look is a little more clean-cut and beefy than it once was, but he’s still based in that industrial/goth aesthetic, so no shock that he would be into playing a vampire. Whether this is something of a cameo or an actual acting turn is unknown.

Going back to the sound side of things, BAD makes no mention of Reznor’s current producing partner Atticus Ross, who worked with him on The Social Network, his last HTDA album, and is with him on Dragon Tattoo. While Reznor is certainly the driving force and front-most face of the duo, Ross has been a key part of the musicians output for some time now, so it will be interesting to see if he’s a part of the deal or not.

I’m excited to hear both of these new scores from Reznor. While it was certainly its own animal, the score for The Social Network was clearly derived from the sonic aesthetic Reznor explored with his instrumental collection Ghosts, and refined/expanded with his side band HTDA. He’s made it clear that Dragon Tattoo will be something very different, and I would guess the same will be true of Vampire Hunter, though neither is likely to be anything resembling a traditional score.

Should be another good year for a moviegoer’s ears.

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