At Comic Con this year, a visibly exhausted Bryan Singer flew in from his Australia set of Superman Returns for a Q&A session with the fans before presenting a surprisingly polished clip of scenes from the movie (which I previously described HERE).

I don’t know if you’re following Singer’s online video diaries of the production, but the latest one not only chronicles the director’s lengthy trek to San Diego but also features some of the better soundbites from the Q&A and gives glimpses of the film footage (and… the audience watching the film footage).

The clip unfortunately doesn’t have the FX “money shot” of Superman floating in the atmosphere before launching earthward, but there’s enough to give a sense of the aesthetic Singer’s aiming for.  To be honest I’m a little surprised the clip hasn’t been made available for download yet, as it was essentially an early trailer (Fox put Singer’s X2 Comic Con trailer online and it certainly didn’t hurt the buzz on that flick).

Anyway, you can check out the footage RIGHT HERE.

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