Jack The Giant Killer is a project that’s been long-associated with Bryan Singer, for years really. It did briefly seem like it would fall by the wayside even longer when Singer was supposedly going to take over X-Men duties again, but that didn’t exactly pan out (wah wah). The film got started though, and it’s been stepping through casting notices one at a time ever since, only just now rounding out it’s leading cast.

The latest face to join the story about a boy who stands up to giants to save a princess, is the princess herself, who will be played by Eleanor Tomlinson. You may have seen Eleanor before as “young Sophia” in The Illusionist or more recently if you were made to suffer through Alice in Wonderland, and while she was only 14 in the former, she has certainly grown up to be a lovely woman, well worth saving from giants (not that anyone really deserves to be raped in half by tree trunk-scale dick). The saving will be done by Nicholas Hoult, who has been acting since he was a wee lad, but has notably appeared in A Single Man, Clash of the Titans, and plays Beast in the new X-Men film that Singer missed out on.

The rest of the cast features more familiar faces like Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci, the latter of which will play a Jafar-like role as a kingly adviser who seeks to usurp the throne. This is a serious threat, as he already has a basement full of dead, sexually molested royal chairs. You don’t fuck with the Tucc. There’s also Bill Nighy and frequent voice actor John Kassir, who will play the two heads of a dual-noggin’d Giant.

The film is schedule to start shooting this month, and is one of the four films that New Line will release as part of its recently trimmed slate. It’s seen as the seeds for a franchise and is supposedly very large-scale. I guess Singer need not cry about losing his X-franchise all over again.

Source | THR

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