I haven’t yet seen this all over the place (I noticed it on a couple of reader’s facebook pages, mentioned below), so I though it was worth a quick spotlight.

Famous Objects From Classic Movies is a well-done browser game that allows you to essentially play hangman, with a single object as a clue to a film’s title. The minimalist poster trend has shown that geeks love distilling their favorite films down to their tiniest recognizable parts, and this game capitalizes on it spectacularly. The clues are all well rendered, and the game itself is very slick. I’m not sure if it’s a full HTML5 effort or not, but it’s definitely not a flash game (doesn’t quite work on an iPhone unfortunately). Either way, it’s a satisfying interface and when you know the clue right away it’s very satisfying to quickly type out the title and see the letters catch up in the game window. Of course, when you mistake the cabinet TV in Poultergeist for the cabinet TV in Videodrome and you bang out the title too quickly, you may find yourself marring your otherwise perfect score like I did, so be careful!

[Credibility Note: I started quickly skipping through the game looking for a good example picture, hence the shitty score up there!]

Right now the game includes just over 80s films, a list they’re apparently expanding all the time (and there is a link for suggesting absent films). It’s a fun diversion, and there’s definitely a few that are more clever or obscure than I expected, so give it a look. Creators Ji Lee, Daniele Codega, and Cory Forsyth have done an excellent job (though they outta figure out a way to make it iDevice compatible).

Thanks to readers Chris Olson and Sabrica Barnett.

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