Rock On! Films sent word of their upcoming slate of nine (!) films, and one just caught my eye.

Wrestling fans, take note- Hulk Hogan will be appearing as a serial killer in a “pitch black thriller”- that’s right, a serious role! Entitled Black River, the Hulkamaniac will menace none other than “Diamond” Dallas Page, fellow wrestler and sometime actor. Dallas plays a man whose life is destroyed by alcohol abuse after his son is killed in an accident. He moves to a town called Black River and ends up drinking himself to oblivion, only to wake up one morning to find his neighbors dead and the murder weapon in his apartment.

Hopefully the movie isn’t as maddeningly annoying as that teaser trailer, and that no Gremlins will interfere with Hulk’s cinematic experience.

Other films appearing from Rock On! include Shock, a supernatural horror film starring Edward Furlong, and You May Be Right, a comedy about an aging cover band that stars Jason Mewes and Corbin Bernsen.

Check for more on their upcoming projects.