How do you feel about those Oscars, eh? Did they resonate with you? Did you watch the awards and take tally with the rest of the American sheep?* Which wins did you feel sad about? We don’t mourn the loss of Winter’s Bone wins. We cherish that it was nominated. John Hawkes is an institution. With luck, he will have his day, someday. Jennifer Lawrence gets the benefit of hotness. That will take her far. And if it doesn’t, there’s always a tractor-trailer with her name on it in my vicinity. For I am a hound of the greatest order.

Moving on, what do you think life is like for Monica Cruz? I mean, I love me some Penelope. It’s been mentioned prior that Bandidas will forever reamain a Fine-Toothed Coombs favorite (Perhaps an actual blog topic later? Get back to me), but there’s something to be said for the youthful, more flexible Cruz. Granted, she didn’t star in Jamón, jamón, one of my favorite movies ever (for various reasons ranging from nubile Cruz flesh to pork assault), but she’s got that je ne sais quoi. Except in Spanish.

If we might non the sequitur (which is the Coombs Right – check it in your Constitution, bitches), might I ask you your opinion on something? And I expect full answers, with examples/essays from you all that read me: What is your favorite shitty film? We all have it. That one movie that is rather objectively terrible, yet we love it all the same. I’ve mentioned previously my love for 1993’s Airborne and it might stick if not for my possibly overwhelming appreciation for Paul W.S. Anderson’s Mortal Kombat. We all have a movie (or movies, if your taste, like mine, is quite mallable) that stretches the credulity of taste, yet remains regardless. What is yours? I’m infinitely curious.

And thus is your assignment for Fine-Toothed Coombs (though I forgot to brush tonight): Name me a movie that’s not particularly good but you love it so. And I expect reasons! Comments or Chud Forum, either way’s fine. Just remember – I’m watching you.

~ Chinese Love God,

Devin Coombs



*For the record, I am a sheep just like you. I just wanted to see Hathaway dressed all nice, so when I pleasure myself to her naked form, it’s not so tawdry.