Enclosed in this wonderful, action-packed first blog entry is going to be a little info about myself.  I suppose the better you know me and where I am coming from, all the better to understand my views and opinions on the things that I will eventually write about.

Moves are pretty much the be-all, end-all to my existence.  I graduated last December with a B.A. in Cinema from SUNY Binghamton, with a concentration in filmmaking.  SUNY Binghamton was concerned mostly with experimental and avant-garde cinema, therefore that is where a lot of my interests have been pushed.  One of the perks about this though, is the fact that if you can understand the basic point of an experimental film based solely on image and light and editing and the likes, then it becomes much easier to understand and appreciate a narrative film, where the ideas are much more upfront and prevalent.

I have been making experimental films for a little over four years now, but since there isn’t much money to be made in doing this, coupled with the fact that I have no desire to a) edit news footage and b) shoot and edit weddings for a living, I have recently had to pursue other money making endeavors.  I was an apprentice butcher for a year in Syracuse New York, and now I am back at school getting another bachelor’s degree, because hey, who doesn’t want to do the first four years of college all over again? (sarcasm should be fully noted here.) I am currently studying French language with hopes to translate when I am done.

And now down to the good stuff, some of my favorite filmmakers are Jean-Luc Godard, Stan Brakhage, Akira Kurosawa, Paul Thomas Anderson, Spike Jonze, Terry Gilliam, Michael Snow, George A. Romero, and Sergio Leone.  Honestly there are about a thousand and I could go on for days, but lists can easily become pretentious, boring, and by nature repetitive.

One of the things that I planned on writing about was a series called “Tardy to the Party,” where I shoot the shit about older recent movies that I missed the first time around and/or much older movies that I am now just discovering, but I would like some feedback from the readers on this one.  If it seems lame, tell me.  Although, I might not listen and do it anyways, I’m always looking for some sort of feedback, or open discussion…I mean that’s the point right?