HAPPENING. In some form or fashion.

First of all, yes, the press release said “Selina Kyle” without mentioning Catwoman. That’s the character’s default name, and press releases tend to be as straightforward, non-committal, and often oblique as possible, so the word “Catwoman” wasn’t used. Since then, every time anyone that has anything to do with The Dark Knight Rises production has uttered the word “Catwoman,” or mentioned a “costume” it’s been news, since that is apparently confirmation that a leather-clad woman with pointy ears will show up.

I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding of the director or falsely perceived notions of how Nolan sees the Batman universe, but there’s always been a contingent of people who seemed convinced the director is out to trick everyone, and that “Selina Kyle” may not end up as the iconic-clad character we’re used to. Surely Nolan will have his own spin on the character, but the idea that he’d include a character with such a baggage-loaded name and history in the film, cast it with a high profile starlet, and then pull a coitus interruptus with the character in the consistently-stated final film of his trilogy is more than a bit ludicrous. I guess maybe we can blame it on Raimi, Dylan Baker, and the story of the most blue-balled villains history, the promised and never fulfilled Lizard of the Spider-Man films that this perpetuates itself.

In any event, if you had any doubts that Catwoman would show up, here’s the actress herself tossing around the name like nobody’s business. It always was, but the bag is thoroughly cat-less at this point.

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(via Batman-News.com | Photo Source: http://eso2001.deviantart.com/ )