The people at the mail place lube themselves up when they see me approaching with two Hefty bags full of bubble mailers every couple of weeks. Today it was all of the DVD review screeners (we could use a couple of reviewers just to grab the scraps, email if interested) and tomorrow it will be the hateful stack below. So, next time you think I’m a condescending dick on the message boards for your lack of responses to my music or comic strips, realize I love you and hate my wallet as these free discs hit the streets.

All of the people below are WINNERS and more than a few of them ripped me in their entries. Call me a saint, call me a diplomat, as long as you call me.

Ice Princess

Donna Hawkins, North Carolina
Amy-Lyn Shepard, California
Bob Wetherell, South Carolina
Ken Boggs, Illinois
Jason Becker, Florida
John Page, Georgia
Paul Pelters, Texas
Heather Johnson, New York
Sarah Hawpe, Colorado
Robert Dwyer, Texas

Sin City

Chris Ross, Wisconsin
Rebecca Blevins, Georgia
Chris Cotterman, Maryland
John Shuman, Nevada
Jason Adams, Illinois
Zog Begolli, Wisconsin
Joe Unger, New York
Brian Grant, California
Greg Hansen, Arizona
Mike Madden, Massachussettes

Bride and Prejudice

Matt Tully, Alabama
Terri Wall, Georgia
Kimberly Gilette, Massachussettes
Kathy Conley, Montana
Jennifer Smith, Tennessee
Lester Huffmire, California
Diana Rogers, Texas
Jayce Michaels, New Jersey
Tara Henck, California
Alex Riviello, New York

The Muppet Show/Muppet Wizard of Oz

Scott Roche, North Carolina
Ron Hough, South Carolina
Jeremy Slater, California
Jesse Turnbull, Pennsylvania
Chris Olson, Wisconsin
Lisa French, California
Jeremy Butler, Texas
Alan Hill, Florida
Dane Henderson, Arizona
Ken Hand, Mississippi

Prozac Nation

Sabina Edwards, Canada (what a response!)
Mark Hamilton, Arizona
Chris Cotterman, Maryland
Josh Yellow, Alaska
Crystal Rhodes, South Carolina
Amy Frank, California
Joe Jones, Utah
Chris Ehsaei, North Carolina
Michael Taylor, Texas
John Page, Atlanta