Konami just sent over these new screens from Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, the upcoming sequel to the classic Cold War arcade shooter. You probably know it best from its NES version, which saw you trying to rescue prisoners from a secret Russian base, as well as destroy some secret weapon they’re working on. It’s a simple sidescroller that doesn’t hold up as well as you’d think- there’s a reason it’s more known for its titular pun than the actual game. But still, it was interesting to have a game start you off with only a knife and force you to take the good weapons from defeated foes.

Ex-Patriot is a downloadable title that uses the Unreal Engine 3 for a 2.5 look that’s certainly reminiscent of Shadow Complex- especially when you look at the map in the top right corner. The game will have a similar style of play as well. Instead of the original’s simple left-to-right sidescrolling the levels are now non-linear, with an emphasis on stealth combat. You’ll also be able to acquire various weapons and pieces of equipment to help you on your way, like gas masks and such, and will be able to perform stealth kills by staying in the dark.

Your character will employ the Russian martial art of Systema, which should be perfect for quickly stripping enemies of their weapons and knocking them out, as you can see here.

The game now has a final release date of March 30th, for both the Playstation Network and Xbox ive Arcade. Xbox 360 owners can checkĀ  out the upgraded version of the original Rush’n Attack, which has some mildly improved graphics and a remixed soundtrack.