Of all things crazy and weird, CHUD.com gets all Food Network on your ass.

John Cleese: Wine for the Confused is just as it sounds, a documentary somewhat similar to the For Dummies line of books where the former Monty Python member takes you on a trip through the California wine country and discusses all things liquid grape; From learning about the different varieties, how to buy the good stuff at a good value, and how to make the most of your newfound expertise with the alchohol of the refined classes.

Man, Just gimme a bottle of Cheap Charlie’s and I’d be set.

And as I look for other useless bits of info to add to this contest’s article (seeing as how I’m quickly running out of things to say), I stumble upon this list of features over at Amazon:

• Includes visits to wineries seen in the film Sideways
• Features extended conversations with wine experts
• Additional wine tips from John Cleese
• Special appearance by Brendan Frasier

The inclusion of Brendan Frasier is both perplexing and tremendously intriguing (okay fine, I’m lying).

Anyway, CHUD HQ got its greasy hands on a grip of these discs, so if you like the ol’ vino, are a fan of The Cleese, or just like to take us for all the free stuff that you can, read on and answer the following!

1.) What’s your favorite film moment involving wine and why? Bonus points if you avoid using something from Sideways.

2.) We here at CHUD tend to whine a lot about upcoming projects, either because we think they look like ass or because we have a bitter axe to grind (wait, scratch that last one). So, dig through our news archives and try to pick out our most whiny article EVER. Bonus points if the item actually has something to do with wine and/or doesn’t involve Devin.

(Don’t forget your full name and address!)