Note: As a sort of post mortem to the Oscars, I will be covering all 10 of the Best Picture nominees and their trailers. And when I’m done, we can finally all STFU about the Oscars.

127 Hours is quite the experiance. Powerful as it is hard to watch, 127 Hours is much more than just a film about a (Spoiler Alert!) man who cuts his arm off. It’s about a man coming to terms with his life and all the choices he has made during it. This teaser trailer is a perfect encapsulation of the film in that it doesn’t focus on James Franco getting stuck under the rock, but the man himself. And lastly, it does a great job of teasing Danny Boyle’s direction, and a pretty freaking awesome soundtrack. One of my favorite trailers of all the Oscar films.

The trailer:

127 Hours Teaser Trailer

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