Bleeding Cool got some babelfished Franco “Django” Nero quotes from It seems Nero dishes solid on his next project and that appears to be a spaghetti Western – though one not necessarily made in Italy. What this next project is was not entirely made clear, but it will supposedly involve Keith Carradine, Treat Williams, and Quentin Tarantino. This has led to more information leaking and leaking.

From this other sites extrapolated that Tarantino’s next will be a western. Jeremy Smith at AICN took it a step further and confirmed that Tarantino’s next is a Spaghetti Western. What is known is that Tarantino is in working mode, and that many of the projects he’s mentioned over the years (like the Vega brothers or Kill Bill Volume 3) he would need a time machine to make. Tarantino likes dabbling in genres, and the Western is something that could be both exciting and new to him – perhaps after Inglourious Basterds doing period pictures is where he’s at  – and it does eliminate some of the most banal criticisms leveled against him (his pop culturisms).

Jeremy/Beaks also confirmed one cast member: Christoph Waltz. Tarantino always threatened that he would make a movie with each of his four leads from Pulp Fiction, with Jackie Brown being Samuel L. Jackson’s film, and Kill Bill Uma Thurman’s, but I believe Bruce Willis was supposed to be attached to Basterds at some point, and that didn’t come to pass. That doesn’t mean we won’t likely see some returning cast members from his earlier work, but whatever sense of Tarantino’s troupe has mutated over the years (wither, Tim Roth?)  But that doesn’t mean a great role or cameo wasn’t written for – say – John Travolta, Bruce Willis or Samuel L. Jackson. Or, for that matter, Eli Roth.

If this is gearing up, it will could be a situation like Basterds where everything came into play shortly after he delivered the script. Tarantino had a dithering period between Jackie Brown and Kill Bill, but the last couple have come at a steady clip. And after Basterds – if he can make this film at a price – I’m sure he’ll be left alone and given final cut. It’s hard to know the Weinstein’s involvement at this stage (his normal home), though after The King’s Speech heavy Oscaring last night they may very well be back. More as it comes in.