1Here’s an interesting one. A movie that tells us right on the poster that we’ll be unprepared for it. That’s bold. Brash. Everything about Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch seems to be aggressive and big and bold and the many has made no bones about the fact that this is his big coming out party as a visionary. The first film he wrote not based on existing material. A bunch of beautiful women and beautiful Scott Glenns. Loads of effects. The trailer is an assault on the senses.

I have a very strong opinion of what Sucker Punch will be and have seen a good bit of footage, read a lot of coverage on it, and was there for the big Comic Con presentation. I have a very strong opinion.

But I am withholding judgment because like most of you, I want to see it.

It’s one of the first really big films of the summer and folks in Atlanta…

Here’s how to see it first:

Using the link below answer these questions to the best of your abilities. Then, if you are chosen you will receive a code to print your own pass to be at the sneak preview in Atlanta. Good luck!

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3. Which of Zack Snyder’s films is your favorite so far?

4. Of the film’s girl leads, who’s your personal favorite? Abbie Cornish. Emily Browning. Carla Gugino. Vanessa Hudgins. Jena Malone. Jamie Chung.