I can’t imagine the Dumb & Dumber series continuing forward, let alone with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels involved. Let’s face it: The Farrelly Bros. brand, despite this weekend’s modest Hall Pass success, ain’t what it used to be. Dumb & Dumber is still great but a horrid prequel followed by lean years of Farrelly output and the continued evolution of Carrey & Daniels’ careers makes a sequel a long shot. And really, who wants more of these characters anyway?

Clint over at Moviehole did the right thing and asked the brothers (during their junketeering for this past weekend’s Owen Wilson romp that Damon reviewed here) about a sequel and they intimated that they have started formulating an idea. In this day and age, that is news. Problem is: everyone who’s ever made a successful flick has these fallbacks for later in their careers. Of course they have an idea for a sequel. They have to stay employed! If you went to Adam Sandler after a few bombs he’d have a great Happy Gilmore idea for you. Paul Verhoeven probably has a bastard of a Basic Instinct nugget in his craw, and I’m sure Joe Esterhas does too.

So, add Dumb & Dumber to the list of flicks that could happen if the situation determines it. The Farrelly’s are doing their Three Stooges movie next and if it’s a hit… we probably won’t have that much-needed Lauren Holly revival. If it tanks… well maybe Mr. Carrey and Mr. Daniels may be receiving gift baskets and other bribes in hopes of them getting horrible haircuts again.