February 27

Media: The Oscars. No Country for Old Men.

Music: ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: A little Smart Start cereal helped make my start pretty damn smart. A little Cuban sandwich. A Newcastle and a Jameson’s to make the nonexistent hurt go away. I had a Graycliff Platinum while enjoying the beverages. During the Oscars I drank a giant glass of orange juice and nothing else. I was driven to want to drink, but abstained [Note: This is my SOBER musings. Just imagine…].

Family: Played with the kids a little. Catherine was sick so I gave her as much space as I could. Mom called to meet her at Jeffrey’s, so I did. Chatted with an Aunt who may be visiting.

Friends: Steve and Keri stopped by to pick up baby gear. He strung my new guitar and we played the MLB The Show 2011 demo again. That game is going to be great. I want to thank Steve for blowing our lead in the last inning. Played darts with Johnny Mak. It was great gentleman time, and required. We had three great games of competitive darts and one blowout. I was lucky to win them, but not without having a crazy thing happening. I am convinced this would have been the game-winning bulls-eye:

Work: A good amount. Worked on two reviews, a few GUY articles, and necessary but annoying paperwork.

Art: Did some doodling for a little comic strip of my own.

Goodies: Not really a goodie, but because Catherine wasn’t well I went to the Pet Smart and acquired a kennel for our Beagle Bernie. He’s been hiding out in our other dog’s cage and now they each have one. I also went perusing Target for various items but got none. Then I went to the sadly closing Borders book store in John’s Creek. That area went from great with our cigar bar, a great Caribou Coffee, and a great book store to a fucking void in the Earth.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Some, though one dude who didn’t respond to my urgent text Friday is no longer an option to participate in a potentially great project.

Minutia: Having baseball back, even on this limited basis… heals me like no other thing.

Activity: Did the kettle weight. I like it, and hope it helps. My throwing arm needs so much extra work it’s not funny.

Ailments: I dropped a dart while gathering them off the board and dumbly went to catch it. My left middle finger has a hole now. I have a few issues with my right foot that I can foresee becoming an issue now that I have two softball nights a week and am adding a third.

Shrink’s Chair: When I see mismatched couples I spend way too much time wondering how the fuck, why the fuck, and then convince myself that people are more than they appear to be. Then I remember that they aren’t.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The “Hurry up and Wait” fellow I have to deal with about helping with a website. There’s nothing worse than people with money that haven’t worked to earn it. If you want my help, don’t be a lazy douche.

True Trivia: There is a bullet hole in our old house where my dad was cleaning his .22 and it went off. Through the door of their bedroom. Through the wood in the door frame of the linen closet. You want to talk about a man shaken, there’s your example. He learned his lesson, huh?

Link of the Day: The Digital Bits. I love their upcoming cover art section.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Back to work. Back to the gym. And Happy Birthday, Renn!

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