csaI know a lot of you think you’re pretty funny. I get your funny email and read your funny message board posts. Now it’s time to put your sense of humor to the test and see if you’re as funny as The Aristocrats, a movie I really enjoyed.

If you’ve seen the film you know that at the end of the credits they announce a contest to see who can tell the best version of the joke, and now they’re really pushing it with some sweet prizes. There’s cash and stuff (see the press release below) but even better is that you will end up on the DVD! That is incredible.

Submissions of the infamous joke will compete in two separate categories: Live Action, and Non-live action (animation, claymation, flash, etc..).  One grand prize winner from each category will have their rendition of the joke presented on THE ARISTOCRATS DVD, and each will receive a $1,000 cash prize.  8 runners up will receive a THINKFilm DVD pack.  Depending on space, there is a chance the 8 runner ups will be presented on the DVD.

After screening the movie, entrants are encouraged to come up with highly original creative renditions of the joke –a true challenge given that the film includes extremely diverse versions told via pantomime, a card trick, and a juggling act. 

Penn says "There’s nothing more American than the dirty joke: Comedy and freedom of speech. Provenza and I never get sick of this joke, but we’ve run out of friends. We need you to tell the joke. Lay it on us. Push us. We’ve pushed the limits as far as we can take it. You might have to make up new vulgarity. Tell it live in public, tell it to someone dead in private, animation, claymation, performance art. The lawyers say just don’t break any laws and don’t actually use your family dog.  We’ll put the winners on the DVD with our friends from the movie, plus even more legends of comedy."

Head over to http://www.thearistocrats.com/contest/  for all the info you need on how to enter!