ffffffffffSo is Halle Berry going to be happy about X-Men 3? If she is, she might be the only person!

Berry has been very vocal about how much her character, Storm, has been sidelined in the films. She’s right – the character has been almost grotesquely underused so far (by the way, best line from Berry about Storm in the new issue of V Life"Storm is a formidable fighter in the comic books; she has a cape and can fly."). But Zack Penn says worry not, Oscar-winner:

"As one of the writers of the last film, I’d say it’s true she ended up with mostly exposition and plane-flying… There was a whole sequence at the beginning of the last film that showed the origins of her character in Africa, and it got cut simply because there are 14 characters to service. But ‘X3′ has a couple of big twists, and Storm is right in the center of them. The fact that Halle is a very good actress who was underused compounds the wish for her to have a better role."

Spoiler to follow: I hear that one of the twists she’s involved with is banging Wolverine. We’ll find out next year, when Fox has decreed X3 must be released, no matter what the fuck happens.