Director Marc Forster, who somehow coaxed an Oscar-winning performance from Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball and took another swing at a gold man with Finding Neverland, now has a thriller called Stay on the way.  The movie stars Ewan McGregor, prolific dish Naomi Watts, and an oily Ryan Gosling, who’s still waiting to be the huge star everyone seemed to think he’d be after The Believer and The Notebook.

The film is described on IFilm as “A reality-bending thriller about a psychologist whose suicidal client makes bizarre predictions that to the psychologist’s mounting terror, begin to come true. The shrink must race against time to save everything he loves before it disappears.”

The trailer may make the movie feel like something that was made several years ago (I blame the X-Files-ish tone, the inclusion of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” and Janeane Garofalo’s name in the credits), but it’s got a pretty good pedigree – the story comes from novelist/screenwriter David Benioff (The 25th Hour), and Foster seems more than capable with different styles (he’s currently pulling chuckles from Will Ferrell on the comedy Stranger Than Fiction).


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