caI know the ranks of readership swells with fans of the Chin, Bruce Campbell. And I know that these legions of fans have already run out and bought his latest book, Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way. And I know that even though you may own the book already, you’re going to be damn tempted to buy the audio book version. Why? Because rather than make an audio book, Bruce has created an audio movie! Here’s the press release:

(August 11, 2005) As the groovy “Ash” in the classic EVIL DEAD movie trilogy, he battled armies of the living dead.  As a cantakerous Elvis Presley in BUBBA HO-TEP, he teamed up with an African-American John F. Kennedy to save the residents of an East Texas rest home against a soul-sucking mummy.  He is the only actor who can rightfully claim that he defeated Spider-Man.  Who is this master thespian?  He’s Bruce Campbell…and has he got a CD for you! On September 27, Rykodisc will release the hilarious and unabridged audio performance of the renaissance actor’s New York Times best-selling book MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY.  Presented complete on six CDs, the audio version MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY whispers a sweet SRP of $29.98.

The best-selling follow-up to Bruce’s 2001 autobiography IF CHINS COULD KILL – CONFESSIONS OF A B-MOVIE ACTOR (also a New York Times best-seller), MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY brandishes Bruce’s trademark tongue-in-cheek view of his movie-star persona and despite the title, offers not a single shred of advice to the lovelorn. In MAKE LOVE! a B-movie actor named “Bruce Campbell” gets his big break in “A” movies when he joins the all-star cast of Mike Nichols’ Let’s Make Love. Surrounded by a host of Hollywood heavyweights (including Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and Liz Taylor), Bruce soon finds that his B-movie making mentality clashes with his newfound “A”-list status – producing thoroughly hysterical results. As with love, filmmaking is not always a pretty thing.
Bruce has adapted MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY into a self-produced audio version that stars none other than Bruce Campbell – as himself!  Accompanied by a top-notch voice cast, thrilling sound-effects and a script of the book he wrote specially for this recording, Bruce has brought the book to life in a new and totally unique way on this six CD set!  This is not an “Audio Book” but rather an “Audio Movie” and the first of its kind!  Only Bruce Campbell and Rykodisc can bring you 2005’s most unique audio experience that doesn’t require partaking in that ancient exercise known as “reading.”

Now that’s cool. Look out for more Make Love! the Bruce Campbell way stuff from in the weeks ahead.