February 26

Media: Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets. Spring Training has begun!

Music: Daft Punk, Homework.

Comedy: Shine box. Gotten.

Food/Drink: Breakfast burrito I made with eggs, vegetarian sausage, cheddar, and Longhorn’s ‘Prairie Dust’. A little grilled chicken sandwich. No booze! It’s a miracle.

Family: Went to the in-law’s house for a while to hang with everyone. And too many dogs. I am dogged out in general. Luckily mine have behaved lately. So damn tired of dogs. And cats. And humans.

Friends: Softball practice and game with Cliff, Simon, and the team.

Work: As little as possible. GUY.com is kicking ass.

Art: The same dude who may be doing RON is doing the cover for ‘The Cave Under Kickass Hill‘.

Goodies: A few lottery tickets. A came out a little on top, but not enough to buy myself lunch or anything.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: Not today, but after Friday it was alright.

Minutia: The piece of shit who hit my car, I was nice enough to not file a police report. He was wholly in the wrong and would have gotten a ticket. I was very nice and accommodating. I got a little shafted by the rental car place/Geico (his insurance company) and had to pay $50 out of pocket. So basically, I paid and was inconvenienced for the privilege of him hitting me. I emailed the guy and asked if he or his insurance company could reimburse me. He said he’d write me a check. A day later he emails me saying that he wants me to call Geico about it. We go back and forth. Bottom line is, he has forgotten I spared him a ticket and that he hit me, and is too cheap to cover it. Where I would have accepted a “I’m sorry but I am unable to pay you’ I got a long back and forth of heated emails which descended into him insulting my family and a serious waste of time. It restored my much needed lack of faith in humanity.

Activity: We played ball from 2:30-5:30 and it was a lot of fun. The only problem is that in folk’s haste to get started there was no warming up or drills. As a result, my arm was fucked. My throwing arm has been ruined for almost a decade now and I’m throwing around a shoulder impingement every time I throw (which has cut my throwing arm’s effectiveness in half) already… to not warm up is plain stupid. I played decently, practicing my opposite field stroke. I had 5 of the team’s 15 RBI.

Shrink’s Chair: I ain’t doing shit for anyone anymore. And I’m not biting my tongue when I see someone being a fool.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Mr. Peek. The asshole who hit me and then got righteous.

True Trivia: When I was little I was playing hide and seek and hid under the sink in the bathroom. Imagine my surprise when the friend I was hiding from’s mother went in the bathroom to shave her legs. Nude.

Link of the Day: Don Murphy’s Official Site. Remember him?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: The Murf hangs out. My horrible live Oscar coverage.

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