Like many people I had become pretty burned out by Star Wars, after years of tinkering by the bearded one it was no longer the film I loved as a small boy.  I wasn’t even tempted to buy the box set that came with the original versions of the movies as I had resolved that Lucas would get no more money out of me.

That was until last week when I found it in the bargin bin at Tescos for £10, I felt that was worth taking a punt on.

So it was with mixed feelings I put Star Wars into the DVD player for what I was sure would be the last time. Even if it was an unremastered, non special edition version could it recapture the magic I had felt from all those years ago?  I was sure it couldn’t but as the old style 20th Century Fox logo came on the screen in it’s grainy glory something strange happened – I fell in love with the movie all over

Ok so the quality of the print was far from perfect but it was the same film I saw as a kid. Han Shot first, he didn’t step on a badly CGI’d Jabba’s Tale, the wolf-man was back in the Catina, everything was as it should be.   The film was once again perfect.

Star Wars has become a bit of joke but if you strip it back to it’s original incarnation it’s still a great movie. The model work is still amazing and it doesn’t need all the re done effect or additional scenes.  It’s like painting a smile on the Mona Lisa, it’s just not needed.

We will soon be able to buy the movies on Blu Ray, but unless Ican have a  version that is cleaned up a bit without all the extra crap I’ll stick with these old grainy  DVDS.

In summery, I am Star Wars nerd again, but to me there are only three movies and they have never been tampered with.