February 25

Media: Nein.

Music: As soon as I got my car back I blasted a steady diet of Budos, Atomic Bitchwax, and The Killing Swarm.

Comedy: Other than life’s own tragicomedy… no.

Food/Drink: Met Pat for Altobeli’s, the Italian restaurant I used to wait at. Had a nice calamari appetizer, a salad, and then a delightful Shrimp Marinara. Had some veggie sausages for dinner after discovering the Thai place I’d planned to have dinner at was already closed. Had a Newcastle and a shot of Jameson’s. And way too much coffee at work.

Family: They’re all sick as dogs, and since I rarely ever catch it I didn’t risk fate by hanging too close. Instead I ran errands for their diminished forms.

Friends: Pat at Lunch. Andrea hopped over to Jeffrey’s and got her ass bloodied in cricket/darts.

Work: Hustled my Drive Angry review up, which was well received. I hate that they screened it at 9pm the night before for us. Really makes it tough to get a timely review up. Had a lot of calls and we trickled ever closer to GUY’s launch. I’ll say we’re looking at less than two weeks before it is unleashed.

Art: I may have found the artist to bring RON back from the brink.

Goodies: The latest issue of Sports Illustrated with Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward on the cover as well as the new Sports Weekly, which reinforces why it should be called Sports, Weakly.

Screenwriting: Sort of. Steve Alten and I spent about an hour and a half on the phone cobbling together our next project. Why that call STARTED at 11pm… well that’s beyond me.

Projects: Serious progress. Great call with Andy Cosby. Great call with Alten. Great call with the investment capital gentleman. Great call with the movie theater gent in Los Angeles where CHUD’s first 8 part horror midnight movie series will run in April. Great call with ANOTHER investment capital person. Shit is burgeoning.

Minutia: Joseph Kahn, what a great guy. Had a nice chat with him and on top of all the great stuff we discussed it was awesome to hear that Faith No More was cool to work with (he did the ‘Last Cup of Sorrow’ video). Got my car back. They lost a piece. Luckily they eventually found the piece.

Activity: A little.

Shrink’s Chair: I have long been very selfless when it comes to monetary demands and needs. That needs to change really soon. I am really pushing it.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The guy at the collision place who called me at 10am telling me my car was ready, which caused me to jumble some plans and change my schedule, who then called me at 11:45 as I was preparing to leave to tell me the bumper for my car hadn’t arrived. So, it went from being FINISHED to not even having the PART IT NEEDED. So I had to change my schedule AGAIN.

True Trivia: My grandmother used to keep shoe boxes under her bed to store the demons she’d ‘catch’ through whatever religious stuff she believed in. Imagine what I had to deal with as a youth who enjoyed D&D in the early 80’s.

Link of the Day: Badmovies.org. A fun spot that’s been around forever like us.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Softball practice. The first televised Braves game. Family birthday stuff (why do adults have birthday parties? Dumbest shit ever. And why EVERY year? And why semi-mandatory? FUCK BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR NON-KIDS).

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