I am about to end this contest, but I wanted to resurrect it ever so briefly so that New Yorkers have a chance to see it, since the original thing got buried in our avalanche of content. I have been trying to get more screenings in New York City for loyal Chewers, and this is the kind of thing  that helps pave the way. Enter now while you can!

casI have run some cool contests here, but I think this might just be among the coolest. At least if you live in the New York area.

There’s a very excellent movie theater nestled in the heart of midtown Manhattan called The ImaginAsian, New York’s only theater dedicated to showing Asian films (check out their website here). And they serve Pocky, which is pretty awesome (under no circumstances should you get the Banana Pocky! It’s horrible. I don’t know if they have it at the ImaginAsian, though). They’re celebrating their first anniversary with a $5 Film Festival, where they show some of their favorite Asian films for just five bucks!

The folks at the ImaginAsian turn out to be big CHUD.com fans, and so they’re teaming up with us to give away 25 passes to the $5 Film Festival. Which movie? You choose!

But wait, there’s more – five mega winners will get passes for two to attend as many of the screenings as they can make! You could have a very cool week at the movies if you win that one.

Here’s the schedule – and by the way, click the movie to go to a page where you can buy tickets. You may very well win, but these shows will probably sell out fast. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these great films in 35mm, Dolby Digital glory!

Friday, August 19th
4:30PM Fallen Angels
6:45PM Shall We Dance?
9:30PM Akira
12:00AM Audition

Saturday, August 20th
1:45PM Godzilla (Original Uncut Japanese Version)
4:00PM Happy Together
6:30PM Princess Mononoke
9:30PM The Killer
12:00AM Oldboy

Sunday, August 21st
1:00PM Akira
3:30PM Shaolin Soccer
6:00PM The Killer
8:30PM Hero

Monday, August 22nd
6:30PM Godzilla (Orignal Uncut Japanese Version)
8:45PM Fallen Angels

Tuesday, August 23rd
6:30PM Happy Together
8:45PM Akira

Wednesday, August 24th
6:30PM Shall We Dance?
9:00PM Hero

Thursday, August 25th
6:30PM Shaolin Soccer
8:30PM Princess Mononoke

So here’s how you win:

Send me an email to devin@chud.com with IMAGINASIAN in the subject line and with your name, your phone number and your town/borough – you have to be within reasonable distance of New York City, as that’s where the ImaginAsian is! – and which movie you would want to see. If it’s a film with multiple showings, please indicate WHICH SHOWING. All entries are automatically eligible to win the full-festival passes.

It’s as simple as that! Hurry, though, this contest will end soon.