February 24

Media: Drive Angry 3-D.

Music: Rental car. No XM. No iPod. Listened to the local soul channel.

Comedy: Zippo Marx!

Food/Drink: I devoured amazing BBQ chicken nachos and a broiled chicken sandwich at the Tavern @ Phipps and then a little chipotle eggroll at Dantanna’s/Buckhead Cigars. A few Long Island Iced Teas happened and I enjoyed a La Aurora smoke.

Family: Just about zero.

Friends: Met with a chum from high school for business, Andrea was there as we planned the GUY.com iPhone app.

Work: I got six cancers from all the phone meetings. A very productive day as a businessgentleman but low in content for the sites. It was nice to work out of the office in a cigar lounge, but I’m glad I don’t completely exist at one anymore.

Art: I pissed at the bookstore in a style not unlike the fountains at the Bellagio.

Goodies: Bupkiss.

Screenwriting: Fuck. Out.

Projects: If 1/3 of these happen, you all are gonna love me.

Minutia: My rental car was a puss blue Honda Civic and I hated it.

Activity: Not much.

Shrink’s Chair: I’m more excited about baseball than just about any film this year.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Don’t want this to always be about car shit, but this lady in a Mercedes who was on the phone nearly merged onto me as I drove the rental car I had just gotten after dropping my car off at the collision place to get repaired after a dude on the phone hit me.

True Trivia: My friend Sean quit my first job over the phone for me because I was scared to. Bruno’s grocery store, the very same location where a student from my high school got busted fucking a head of cabbage in the back room of.

Link of the Day: Trailers from Hell. A place you need to frequent damn near every day. So good.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work/Car/Lunch/Who knows?

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