csaAn interesting discussion broke out on our message boards recently, in regards to the new 50 Cent movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Hustle & Flow. Some people found the glamorization of the criminal element in these films to be disgusting and offensive. I wonder if these people feel the same way about Goodfellas or The Godfather. And if they do, they should really consider loosening up a bit.

I’m psyched for Get Rich or Die Tryin’, because it’s a real movie. This isn’t some sort of Elvis film, where 50 Cent will posture and be given excuses to rap, it’s a film with a story being directed by a truly good director, Jim Sheridan. It’s like 8 Mile in that way. 8 Mile is a movie that you can only hate if you are one of those geezers who think rap isn’t real music. Or even better if you think the 20 year old, multifaceted art form is a fad. I am always amazed by the people who are YOUNGER than rap music who feel that way. You’re like some rock and roll hater in 1969, buddy.

Anyway, Latino Review has a script review for Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and their reviewer – a displaced Latino I had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with in San Diego – LOVED the thing. Just adores it, calling it  "A gangster movie in line with Goodfellas and Casino." That’s saying something.

By the way, I just love the poster, with the very subtle baby that he’s holding on to. All the best crime films are about people torn between good and bad and this looks to be another one.

Check out the review yourself by clicking here.