James Gunn’s Super will debut at SXSW next month, and to get the film banging around your head a little bit before then, they’ve released this one-sheet for it. It’s a nice application of the whole “aged” poster thing, though I feel like Rainn Wilson could look more beat-up or something. I dunno, it doesn’t do much to set it apart from the amateur superhero gimmick that I think might cause people to write off what is probably an interesting film. Gunn is responsible for some very well done projects that merge a sophisticated eye with very old-school Troma sensibilities. I’m hoping this results in something of an Observe & Report for superheroes with Super, where the darkness and the edgy character work is what’s really the center of the film, more than a gimmick of any kind.

Either way, it’s a cute poster for a flick a lot of peoples should have their eye on. I’ll be at SXSW, so my fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to bring you some good news about it.

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