I really liked Alien 3 when it hit theaters. I was in junior high, and I knew it wasn’t as good as the first two films, but the first two films are genre masterpieces – so some slack deserves to be cut. The aspect of the film that I most dug was my introduction to the extremely logical idea that the xenomorphs (the “aliens”) take part of the DNA of their host when gestating. The xenomorph in Alien was bipedal, because we are. The xenomorph in Alien 3 came out of a dog, so it was smaller and somewhat canine-like. I thought that was fantastic. It shot my imagination running wild and after the film I immediately went home and – like the artistic dork that I was/am – started drawing a fan-fiction comicbook about a xenomorph infested spacecraft crash landing in a zoo. I particularly liked my xenomorph rhino.

But I digress.

Bleeding Cool spoke with an anonymous source on Prometheus, and has received confirmation that the xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s new film (at least the first alien our heroes encounter) will be somewhat unrecognizable. Because it burst from the chest of a different species. This of course will lead minds to the giant  “Space Jockey” from the first film, but the Prometheus camp has been denying the presence of so-named a character. Though, as Bleeding Cool points out, the wording of these denials may just mean that they are not calling the character (or species) “Space Jockey.” So you never know.

We also don’t know if the film will in fact be titled Prometheus. When questioned, BC’s anonymous source responded: “Maybe not. Though they are calling it that for a reason.” Hmm. Cryptic. Also something to chew on – BC has learned that the film’s setting is, in part, “a planet that has been terraformed to create the perfect environment in which a particular bioweapon would prosper.