csPaul Rudd has joined the cast of Diggers, a film written by former The State guy Ken Marino (oh how they’ve dispersed out there!), who also stars.

Diggers is about two generations of clam diggers trying to keep their way of life as the Hamptons undergoes major changes in the 1970s. I assume we’re talking about a lot of shitty rich people moving out there. I also assume it’s a comedy. And it’s always good news when Paul Rudd does comedy!

Ron Eldard, Josh Hamilton, Maura Tierney, Lauren Ambrose and Sarah Paulson also star in the film.

I know a lot of you read this and go, "Oh nice, but this film will never come play by me." Well stop thinking so damn negatively! The film will be released in theaters the exact same day it plays on the HDNet Movies Network. And I assume that if you live in the ass end of nowhere you got the really good cable TV package, since you probably don’t have much else to do out there.

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