casJoe Lovero. That’s the guy we’ll have to blame for what sounds like yet another of the "high concept" comedies that Jim Carrey used to do all the time. Except this time we’ll be stuck with Seann William Scott.

The Book of Leo is about a guy who, as he approaches his 30th birthday, decides he doesn’t like his life. So in the last week of his 20s he tries to do everything he ever wanted to do. I bet he learns a lesson!

You may know that I finally solved Devin Faraci’s Seann William Scott Dilemma. The Dilemma was the fact that Scott has made so many truly atrocious films in which he comes across like a complete boring cock, but in real life – and in the very occasional film role (well, OK, in The Rundown) – he has the makings of a decent, funny guy. The solution to the Dilemma was that Seann William Scott essentially sucks, whether it be because his film choices are horrifying or if because he’s just a terrible comic actor. And I have to say that Book of Leo makes me doubt that I’ll be revisiting that Dilemma anytime soon.

Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, however, might cause me to revisit the Dilemma. By the way, some Richard Kelly fansite got a little uppity about a recent Tales update I wrote. They said that the piece seemed only to exist to give me a chance to namedrop almost going to a Richard Kelly party. DUH. Guys, I want to impart to you the main secret of writing – you only do it to make yourself look better – smarter, cooler or wittier. And that’s just a step to the ultimate goal of getting laid. Of course I’ve chosen the world of internet movie "journalism" to make my name, so I just have to settle for trying to make myself look cooler.