I like a good skewering of Hollywood, at least when it’s done well — Bowfinger, State and Main, Living in Oblivion, The Player, HBO’s Entourage, or even the late lamented TV series Action!. 

Filmmaker Jake Kasdan has his own indie satire in the works called The TV Set, pulling back the curtain on the process of making a television pilot.  Kasdan (son of writer-director Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on such minor films as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back) probably has plenty of input based on his own miserable experiences – a few years back he helmed a pilot (which didn’t get picked up for series, needless to say) based on his own underappreciated film Zero Effect, and he’s also been involved with infamously canceled shows Undeclared and Freaks and Geeks.

For the cast of his latest flick, Kasdan has collected elastic hero Iaon Gruffudd and xenomorphophobic veteran Sigourney Weaver, playing a BBC representative and a network head respectively.  Also attached are cuties Judy Greer (The Village, The Specials) and Lucy Davis (girlfriend of the bespectacled wanker in Shaun of the Dead).  David Duchovny is already on board as the expectedly frazzled creator of the fictional show in the fictional movie.

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