Indy IV and the Blind. 

So we reviewed the living daylights out of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and we’re putting the finishing touches on a spoiler-laden tag team review, four different people who make an effort to call it as we see it without the mind clouding faux enthusiasm and fanboy hang-ups that oftentimes creep into online reviews and people think we have some sort of planned agenda that involves pissing on the parade. As if has some particular mindset that is counter to a site like AICN, who happens to have embraced the film a little more tightly.

Not the case. At all.

Sites like this one pride itself on its individuals. No one would ever argue that myself and Devin have a similar approach to writing or even tastes that are wholly in sync. Same goes for Jeremy or Russ or any combination of the above. We certainly don’t have a policy of what to like.

Ask Devin what he thinks about Equilibrium or Broken Lizard. What I think of The Hills Have Eyes or how skeptical I am of this whole Danny McBride lovefest going on with the other site editors.

We simply don’t plan how to approach a film. If so, there’s no way Devin would have signed off on The Fantastic Four given how shitty we were treated in advance of that film. Also, if we’re such big Judd Apatow apologists, how come we didn’t fall in line with Walk Hard or Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

We didn’t like the new Indy and there was no ulterior motive. In fact, I think we gave you thousands of words as to why we didn’t, all from four divergent people with differing opinions.

How hard is that to get? I don’t think other made their minds up either, so please find a new line. There’s no CHUD way, no AICN way, and no JoBlo way.

Things just are.

Then there’s bullshit like this.

Yeah. It’s good to be amazing at what we do sometimes. Now’s one of them. No need to take the high road on this matter, now that the film’s out you can all realize what we’ve been telling you without any sort of preconceptions.

- Nick Nunziata has a cubic zirconium skull

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