Unlike the events of 9/11, which filmmakers are just now collectively daring to approach nearly four years later, there’s no such waiting period for tragedy affecting other parts of the globe.  So… tsunami movie!

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resultant tsunami killed over 300,000 and affected millions of unfortunate people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even Africa (or, as they’re all known in the US, “foreigners”).  Writer-director Michael Patwin will focus on the grim aftermath of this disaster with Hereafter, which will center on an unshod American who slogs through 70 miles of destroyed property and shattered lives on a quest to find his wife and kids. Leave it to the Hollywood mentality to take the anguish of millions and reassign it to the POV of a single American…

The producers plan to donate a large percentage of the film’s potential earnings to disaster relief organizations, thereby giving the impression they’re not benefiting too much from the misery of others.

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