.Next Tuesday, retailers are getting a little grime on them. A little gristle.

Sin City is hitting DVD for the first time. There’s another disc in the planning but right now, the monochromatic (mostly) hit is cocked and loaded and ready to fire a hollow point right into the soft fleshy parts of your body with rapid bursts and surgical precision.

We here at CHUD HQ have a stack of these with your name on them, or they will once you win this contest.

Sin City on DVD. Hard to pass that up, isn’t it?

How do you win one of these lovely digital treasures (admittedly, I thought the film was going to be no good but I was wrong, DEAD wrong)?

Follow das rules below and then click on the BLAM! below (and include your mailing address or you’ll win Jack and Shit:

1. One week into our own little noir tale The Dark Him, what do you think?

2. Who’s your favorite Sin City character from the comic and who did the best job in the film?

3. Convince me that the city you live in is full of Sin.

4. What comic that has yet to be filmed NEEDS TO BE?