UPDATED: Sharp-eyed reader Malmordo notes that this project has been referred to as The Burial in an issue of Film Comment, so we’ve at least got a name for this damn thing!

Since we know exactly fuck-all about Terrence Malick’s newest newest film, which was shot and is heading towards completion before his regular newest film, Tree of Life is even released, all I can say is that THR’s publicity shot looks Malicky enough. People look like they’re in tragic love, there is a heavy presence of nature… Beyond that, there’s little to say except how it’s still shocking that Malick decided to tackle a more Soderboughian work pace.

There are things we can assume about this untitled project… since he shot it so quickly and abruptly it is likely a smaller quieter film than the cosmically-scaled drama that Tree of Life seems to be. The words “drama,” “powerful,” and “moving” don’t tell us more than we already know about a Malick film, so the scant details we’ve heard in the past aren’t worth much. All there is, is a cast: Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, and Olga Kurylenko.

You can see the still slightly bigger at THR, and look forward to the sure-to-be-beautiful Tree of Life in May.


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