I’ve always been simultaneously pleased and bummed that Adult Swim has so much of their content posted to YouTube- it’s nice that’s its there, but the lack of embedding ability is often frustrating. I get it though- if there’s any demographic more prone to flouting copyright infringement, its Adult Swim’s and the best you can do to handle that problem is to put the content out there as far as you can, and still maintain a little control. The new Adult Swim App continues that trend, by providing a full-featured interface that gives you all the expected features like programming calendars and games, but it is also capable of streaming full episodes of shows. Since the folks behind it aren’t dumb, it’s free. You can find it here.

The trade is off is that this isn’t a full buffet of their entire catalog, but rather a very strong sampling. Some of the flag-ship shows only have a few episodes, while others have a lot- but it seems like they’ll be adding more constantly. There’s also access to a large arsenal of clips from the shows, which considering the format of many of the network’s programs, that’s not all that different from having access to full episodes. It seems like the clip library is much deeper than the full episode library, so this should be useful for pulling up clips to show your buddy that one joke, which is what you’d probably use this for anyway.

The stream quality was not great when I tested it, but my connection is dogshit in this office, so don’t take that as a quantitative rating. There wasn’t much improvement on WiFi, but only the live-action clip’s suffered (animation looked clean enough). They definitely went conservative on the stream quality though…

This is available for iPhone and iPad, it looks good, and it’s nice for toilet times. Enjoy it.

Oh, and if you’re into Adult Swim shows, make sure you didn’t miss yesterday’s news about the Tim & Eric movie getting started.

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