February 23

Media: Nope.

Music: Was mostly music-free, surprisingly.

Comedy: Zilch!

Food/Drink: I made pancakes for Rocco, myself, Mom, and Steve. Had a little coconut shrimp for lunch/dinner.

Family: The little man was with me the first chunk of the day, when I got home in the evening I was able to spend time with the gang. Sofia got in trouble.

Friends: Steve came over on the eve of starting his new job downtown, so we played the demo for MLB The Show 2011 (pretty great) and then some MLB The Show 2010 because it’s amazing. Andrea and I met with Chris Dimino about GUY.com and it was delightful.

Work: Plenty. Nothing great though.

Art: Shorts.

Goodies: Baseball Prospectus 2011. A must buy for any serious baseball dude.

Screenwriting: Shit. No.

Projects: I lose faith in some collaborators, days like today is an example.

Minutia: My beloved car got rear-ended. Nothing major, but it was a nuisance. I’ll be without it for a few days as it’s repaired

Activity: Not much.

Shrink’s Chair: I’m in a culling mood lately. Thinking about making wholesale slashes on extended family members who have grown so far away from me that it’s pointless to maintain the facade. That said, I have a few I miss terribly and want to make a point to see soon.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The guy who hit my car, for starters.

True Trivia: I hit an old Asian lady with a baseball and I’m terribly proud of it. Steve and I were hitting BP at Ocee Park over here, a park who has a really nice full sized baseball field in the back corner. We take turns throwing BP to each other, a ritual we do before the baseball season nearly every year. This had to be four or five years ago. I’m up and I’m hitting well. I’m more of a power hitter than I used to be, especially in baseball as my swing is more conducive to it than softball. So I’m hitting some nice shots to left and left center. I notice an Asian couple walking on the track around the fields but they’re in right field and I typically don’t go opposite field in BP for fear of hitting the pitcher. Steve grooves one and I hit a majestic deep fly to almost dead center. It’s in the air a while and I see the couple and I see the ball and I start to think it may be close so I start yelling at them but they’re 400 feet away. The ball comes down in the lady’s gut. Like it magically hit her right in the stomach. She doubles over, the ball rolls about fifteen feet away and Steve and I are running towards the fence to check on her. In what to me is an amazing showcase of different worlds and paradigms and cultures intersecting, the old dude doesn’t check on his wife… he scurries over to the ball to return it to us. The wife is a heap and he’s like ‘Ball>Women’. She turned out to be just winded and was fine but the moment will be with me until Alzheimer’s.

Link of the Day: Mighty Optical Illusions. I never tire of that shit.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work/Meeting/Softball/Screening. No way I’ll fit it all in.

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