csaA couple of weeks ago Brendan Fraser let drop that there was a third Mummy film coming. Today Rachel Weisz, his co-star in the first two films of the franchise, was in town promoting her new film The Constant Gardener, and while we didn’t get much time with her, I did have a chance to ask her about the possible third film. She brightened immediately when asked if she would be up to return, she said, "Oh yeah, absolutely! Why not. Let’s get the family back together."

OK, that’s not really much info at all, so here’s a freebie. She also dropped some science about her upcoming film The Fountain, one of our most anticipated upcoming films: "It’s set in three time zones. It’s set in 16th century Spain, it’s set in present day American and it’s set in the distant future in space. [There’s] this spaceship, on board of which is the Tree of Life. The fountain refers to the search for the fountain of youth."