Finished with Dead Space 2? Amazed by how great Visceral Games managed to make the follow-up, how thrilling and scary and atmospheric it is? Of course you are. The multiplayer is certainly fun but if you’re like me you’re debating if you can fit in a second playthrough before Dragon Age 2 hits and wishing there were even more to the quite decently-sized game.

But never fear, we’re getting our wish! Visceral is releasing the first substantial DLC pack for the game on March 1st. Entitled Severed, it will contain two stand-alone side stories which take place during the same time as Dead Space 2. The game will star Gabe Weller who you might remember from Dead Space: Extraction. Weller is a security officer and comes with his own security suit and a more powerful Pulse rifle. He’ll need it for the return of the “Twitcher”, an enemy from the first game that somehow managed to escape Isaac’s boots in the second.

Here’s the trailer.


The game will cost $6.99 or 560 MS Points depending on your preferred form of currency.

In other DLC news, therea are a couple of other suit and weapon packs available for download on Xbox Live and PSN right now. They’re similar to the DLC that the first Dead Space had, a smattering of new suits and reskins of weapons for Isaac that are ultimately useless, so Severed is a welcome change for the series. The game certainly seems like it has all kinds of side stories to it, and it would be much preferable to get them via DLC rather than another lame animated feature or comic.