casHere’s an idea that I find sort if irresistible – the Watergate scandal and the fall of the Nixon presidency as seen through the eyes of the wives. Nip/Tuck (read Nick’s latest DVD review) creator Ryan Murphy seems to feel the same way, so he is making a movie out of the play Dirty Tricks, which is about just that.

The play centers on Martha Mitchell, the whistleblowing wife of White House chief of staff John Mitchell. The film’s got an astonishing cast: Meryl Streep will play Martha, while Annette Bening will play the younger Helen Thomas (pre-mummification), the White House correspondant who was one of the recipient’s of Mitchell’s leaks.

Gwyneth Paltrow is playing John Dean’s wife Maureen, who stood meekly by her man as the entire administration was pulled down and Jill Clayburgh is playing Pat Nixon, who came to loathe Martha Mitchell for pretty obvious reasons.

Murphy is hoping to start filming by next spring, after wrapping up the third season of Nip/Tuck. And don’t worry, ladies – the Academy will keep the Oscars warm for you.

I just want to know where the whistleblowers of today are. What sort of project will tomorrow’s aging lady thespians have to work on to bring them inevitable gold?