February 22

Media: The Next Three Days.

Music: Saw The Budos Band live at The Earl in Atlanta and it was transcendent. Those guys have a vibe all their own that is so utterly cool and unpretentious. Got a print of this poster, absolutely amazing.

Comedy: Zilch!

Food/Drink: Tuna. Granola. A little pizza from Rosa’s. At the show a couple of Bushmills neat and a Stella at the cigar bar next to the venue.

Family: Hung with all. Mom joined me for the concert and was hit on! Hilarious.

Friends: Was nice to be back at the office. Saw John Makarewicz at the show and met his friend Nicholas, who’s a neat dude.

Work: My head spins from all the shit going on. Got an email lifting the embargo on the last Devin set visit article.

Art: Poop.

Goodies: The poster above and a Budos shirt. I hate black t-shirts but it was too good to pass up.

Screenwriting: Writer’s BLOCKASS.

Projects: Loads. I wish one of these lottery tickets would work!

Minutia: I hate the term ‘hipster’, but the two concerts I’ve been to in the past few weeks have shoved them onto me en masse. Icky. People defined by their mustache or vintage clothing or dumb damn hat. Try harder!

Activity: Not much.

Shrink’s Chair: In my old age I’m finding interesting noses sorta sexy on ladies. And tits.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Fucking Fox News. Assholes gathered tightly in a feeding ball of shit. I was getting my coffee just seething at the way they doomed and gloomed.

True Trivia: As a child, a molester tried to get me into his car as I walked home from 1st grade. I run like the dickens. And survived. Then, the police didn’t believe me. Then, if I’m not mistaken, they caught the dude. He’d had fucked my tender asshole until it was raw and sticky.

Link of the Day: Corona’s Coming Attractions. The old guard. Patrick Sauriol is one of the gentlemen of the web.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Kid/work/meeting.

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