Confession: I like The Bodyguard.

It’s not a really good movie. It’s a B-movie. It just happens to be saddled with a song and a singer that reached critical mass around the film and completely drove what was a decent formula flick into chick flick territory. What’s lost in the shuffle is how good Kevin Costner is in the movie. He’s really solid in the film, delivering a cool bad ass character who just happens to be surrounded by colossal amounts of schmaltz.

The “We’re not going to to talk about this again” sequence with Mike Starr is a good example of how little moments made the character so much more interesting than the material.

I’m certainly not going to defend the movie with my life. But it’s not some dogshit sissafrass movie. It’s a Hollywood B-movie, whatever that means.

The Bodyguard already feels like a remake. It feels like a product, thanks to Whitney Houston’s Dolly Parton remake and the overexposure the film got. To remake it is obvious.

Hell, I’m surprised someone didn’t watch Taken and think about remaking this dumpling. And anyone who’s going to get up in arms about a remake of this is probably someone we’ll need tagged and coded and put on a watchlist anyway.

They’re remaking it.

By “They” I mean the writing duo behind Black List script Family Getaway, Nick Palmer and Jeremiah Friedman. There’s no cast and the only juicy info is that the titular character is now an Iraqi war vet. I would imagine the auditions for this film would be massive unless they just grab a pop star from list A and a scrappy young actor from list B and shove them together like some schmaltzy peanut butter cup. Beyonce/Worthington or Aguilera/Tatum or Cyrus/”Tex” Cobb. Something like that.

So, think about how great this movie will be.