Yes, yes… I know I keep saying I’m going to get these things on the site more often.  But hey, I’m a guy, I say a lot of things I don’t really mean.  It’s genetic.  However, now that assorted distractions have come and gone, I’m determined to get little belches of the Underground like this up on CHUD on a regular basis (and this time… I mean it).  So… more soon!

For those who’ve forgotten, this column will focus on various foreign and/or under-the-radar films, older obscure flicks, low-budget indies, and the occasional back-rack “classic”.  Got an interesting film suggestion? Know of something good in the works? Make an independent film and want to expose yourself? Just want to tell me I’m rubbish? Drop me a line at .

 I get a lot of things in my inbox like this one, and I usually say “Hey, I’ll save that and add it to my next edition of Underground”.  And then I slack and forget about it, because I’m a lazy bastard who’s too easily sidetracked by videogames or prostitutes or something. But not this time, ah-hah!

I honestly don’t quite know what this indie film The Men Who Fell is all about, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rather intrigued.  The purposely cryptic website is made to look like the official business site for a futuristic salvage company, but the trailer hints at a startlingly well-made sci-fi suspense film with a creepy vibe that seems to land somewhere between Le Dernier Combat and 28 Days Later.

A few details: the movie (still in production) is a microbudget affair being put together with mostly practical effects.  The story involves two convicts sent down to a ravaged Earth from an orbiting prison to do salvage work for a big corporation.  As you might suspect, they find more than they bargained for. 

For now, check out the site and trailer (found under “Mission Feed”) RIGHT HERE, and I’ll have more info as I get it.