Maybe it’s just the contrast between the blandly crappy “raunchy comedy” I screened last night that featured an actor from The Office, and the trailer for a different shitty rom-com with an actor from The Office, and then this pretty decent red-band trailer for a comedy that has an actor from The Office, but I think Bad Teacher might be something I’d like to see. There is nothing groundbreaking or incredibly memorable going on, but the humor is sharp and edgy enough to be noticeable. Check it out right here (or see it on MySpace, if you still have a log-in)…

This doesn’t seem like the kind of red-band that extracted every R-rated moment from the movie, but rather is a cross section of what looks like an actual adult comedy. Walk Hard, Jake Kasdan’s last film, was inconsistent but still much stronger than its underrated status would indicate these days, and it’s evidence that he can handle big set-up gags interwoven with smaller improvised jokes well enough. Cameron Diaz is no stranger to this territory, and she’s reaching an age where she can be even more brave about things without really worrying much about throwing away an image. I think most agree that Timberlake is becoming a welcome presence in the movies, though he doesn’t have much to do here by the look of it. Maybe there’s more to him than being a charmingly nerdy, ironic lust-object for Diaz, but I doubt it.

What do you think? Keen to see Diaz quest for fake tits? Use the comments below to let us know, or-

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